Family Rumors

Beyond Ireland and Family Rumors

There is no doubt that Ireland was just one stop on our journey that eventually landed us where we are today.  While we cannot specify who, where and when like a normal genealogical search we can use DNA to track our migrations back through the Paleolithic Age.  The Paleolithic, or Old Stone Age, age existed 2.6 million years ago to 9500 BC.  We used a National Geographic Study shown in the following chapter to show our movements out of Africa through the middle East to the Steppes of Central Asia and then to Europe and the British Isles as we know them today.  That migration is documented in the next Chapter called the National Geographic Survey.

After the National Geographic Survey is a chapter on Ulster.  We have conclusive proof we are from the Province of Ulster in particular the Counties of Fermanagh and Derry.  We know the Brothers McTeague were born in County Fermanagh in 1795 and 1797 and then lived their lives in County Derry.  We try to look backwards historically in this chapter to determine if we can find any helpful information.  Indeed, we can conclude we are of Celtic origins and we track the Celtic Empire which existed from 1200 BC to 27 BC when the Roman Empire succeeded the Celtic Empire.  The Roman Empire stopped at Hadrian’s Wall in Britain and did not intrude into Ireland or Scotland.  The migration of the Celts supports the National Geographic Study.

After the section on Ulster we explore the three family rumors:

1.      The Montagues originally came from Harfluer in Normandy France.   They came to England in 1066 with William the Conqueror. Settled in Somerset and we still have family there. Some ended up in Ireland.

2.      We came from Brittany France to Ireland.  

3.      We have been in Ireland for hundreds of years and are descendants from the Gallowglass.

The Ulster Chapter addresses the Gallowglass rumor.  The Normandy France rumor is addressed in two sections: 

We hasten to add all these rumors could be true.  When you are looking at a broad expanse of time none can be ruled out. We will try to keep our Genealogical information up to date as additional generations are added.  However, sadly, it appears we will not be able to go any farther back than 1795.  Should you find something that allows us to go farther back please let us know.  Thank you.