Missing Links

Chapter 24 Missing Links and Persons

 Sections in this Chapter:

1.  McTeagues of Wakefield MA

2.  Hugh Montague of Passaic, NJ    

3.  Peter Montague of San Francisco, CA

4.  Hugh McTeague of Beacon, NY 

5.  JoAnn Cunningham Family

6.  Famine Ships 

Where are these people Watson?  Who are these people Watson?  How are they connected Watson?The purpose of this chapter is to identify people that we have found in a variety of ways who originate in County Derry named McTeague or Montague and have immigrated to the USA.  Linking to the descendants of these people is a valuable part of our story.  Finding living relatives is a joy!  Please use your sleuthing skills to help us find these links. As you look at the information we have on each of these people you would bet the house that we are related and yet we can’t prove it!  The geography in Ireland and the census information should guarantee we are related and yet we can’t find that elusive link; or, we can’t find their descendants. So we ask for your help--

Section 1.  McTeagues of Wakefield MA

McTeague’s of Wakefield MA hail from Magerafelt in Ireland-same as us.  Robert McTeague (1793) married Ellen (maiden name unknown?) They had a son, James and possibly two daughters.   I believe Robert was born in Magherafelt around 1793.  We think he served in the 18th Foot Regiment.  On the 1831 Irish Census he was living in Ballymaguigan in Ballyronan in the Barony of Loughinsholin in the Parish of Atrea  In the 1850’s he was on the Griffith’s Valuation living at Ballynagarve – Lot #27 in Ballymaguigan in the Parish of Atrea.  The valuation notes that there were two males and three females living on the property.  Thus, there may have been two daughters whose names we do not know. James married Elizabeth Morgan.  They lived in Magherafelt and had nine children. 

1.      Robert James who was born in 1856

2.      John who was born in born 1857

3.      James who was born in 1858

4.      Henry who was born in born 1858

5.      Hugh who was born in 1860

6.      Elizabeth who was born in 1862

7.      Frances Joseph who was born in 1864

8.      Mary Anne who was born in 1867 and died in 1867

9.       Mary Anne who was born in 1869 and died in 18679

The family emigrated to the United States around 1880 and settled in Wakefield, Massachusetts.  I believe Elizabeth’s cousin, John was the reason why they moved to Wakefield as John was already settled there with his family.  James Sr was noted as a farmer.  Many of their children worked in Cyrus Wakefield’s Rattan Factory which made exceptional quality wicker furniture.Their son, James married Margaret McLaughlin in 1878 while the family was still living in Ireland.  James was a scutcher and Margaret was a weaver. They had a son, Patrick that same year.  Margaret died in 1879 from TB.  Patrick was sent to Scotland (Lanarkshire) to live with Margaret’s brother, George and his wife Martha and their daughter Rachel.  Patrick is on the 1891 Scottish census living with the family and again in 1901. He was noted as being a coal miner.  Patrick emigrated to the United States in 1902 and settled in Wakefield, Massachusetts.  He married Mary Connors from Galway.

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