Visiting Ireland?

Important places to visit if vacationing in Ireland: 

1. St Columba’s CATHOLIC Church in STRAW. This is an important place because many are buried here and many of our relatives worshiped here.

The address is Sixtowns Road, Straw Draperstown, County Londonderry, BT45 7BB Northern Ireland. From what I am told there is only one main road, from Draperstown, that goes up to Straw, it passes at St. Columbas RC church, which is easily seen from road. Stop here. It has a cemetery attached with many of our relatives buried there.

 See page 15 of chapter below for more info:

The cemetery is right next to the church where several McTeagues are buried, including Patrick McTeague who was born in 1837.

2. The Old Farm located at 19 Disert Rd. Disert, County Derry.If you keep traveling on Sixtown Rd. you will come across the road to Disert on the left where our family comes from. The address of old farm is 19 Disert Rd. Disert,  County Derry.  It is sometimes spelled Dysart.  Definitely go here! To the left is mom and James on the farm!  This farm is where our oldest known relative, James McTeague (1797), lived in the early 1800's.

See page 35-36 for more pics of mom, dad and James: 

3. The oldest church in Balinascreen called Scrin ColimbkilleStay on Sixtown Rd a while longer past St Columba's Catholic Church and you will come to the old church in Ballinascreen called Scrin Colimbkille, which is in the Sixtowns. This is super exciting, because we didn’t know this church or graveyard existed.  We would love more pictures from this ruined church.  It is said to have been the first church of Ballinascreen, dating back into the mists of history - to the eighth century at least - was the old monastery church at Moneyconey - "Scrin Colimbkille", which has given its name to the parish. The ruins of this church can still be seen in Moneyconey. This was the only church in the parish for over a thousand years and it served not only our own parish but many other parishes as well, parishes which had no permanent churches of their own. Who knew? Now to find who is buried there. Any one familiar with this church?

Here is a pic of the ruined church.  There is more history here: 

Maybe our James 1797 is buried here. Wouldn’t that be cool!

4. The Parish Office located at 9 High Street, Draperstown, Co. Derry BT45 7AB  Not sure what you will find here.

5. The townland Cahore. This is where Hugh McTeague lived for a while. We have no address for here though. Read more about Hugh here:

The map shown to the left is of all of the townlands in Ballinascreen.

Plus all of the other gorgeous sights of Ireland! Enjoy your trip! We welcome pictures!