USA Census


1.     Quantitative Analysis of Montagues in the USA Census by Year

2.     Montagues, Meighans, and Meehans in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania Census by Year

3.     Cunninghams in Luzerne County Census by Year

4.     Montagues in New Jersey by Year

5.     Montagues in California by Year


Note:  The retrieval of the census information was done using for all but the 1930 census.  The 1930 census used  There is still a lot of searching to be done on the 1930 census.

 Section 1. Quantitative Analysis of Montague's in the USA Census by Year

The number of Montagues in each census by year in total USA as well as different states and counties:                                                                                              

Section 2. Montagues, Meighans, and Meehans in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania Census by Year 

1870 Census

                                                                    Who is Mary Montague? 

1880 Census

Margaret McTeague is shown living in Plains, Pa. in the 1880 census data. She shows up in the 1880 census only:

 The names Meighan and Meehan seem to be used interchangeable so you will see information on both.  To complicate matters more there are relatives that spell their name Meighan—immigrant Catherine's husband and Meehan the wives of immigrants John and Patrick.  We have not been able to find Con and Mary Meehan—parents of Lizzie and Catherine Meehan—in any of the census information.

 In 1880 Census 57 Meighans in Pa; 30 in Luzerne and four in Carbon County: 

  *We think the highlighted Frank Meighan is the husband to be of immigrant Catherine.

Additional information from the 1910 census shows son Joseph born approximately 1887:

 Calculations of birth years are subject to rounding errors.  The census spells their names as Meehan not Meighan.

 In 1880 census there are 326 Meehans in Pa. with 27 in Luzerne, 11 in Schuylkill and one in Carbon County. Looking at the obit and death certificate for Lizzie Montague—immigrant John's wife—it says her sister's name is Ellen McCole.  We find her in the census later but have tried to resolve the differences in maiden names from Meehan to McCole unsuccessfully.  It is probable that they were ½ sisters as you will see another sister Maggie Meehan living with her as well. 

 In 1880 census 86 McColes in Pa.  Luzerne County has 40. There is an Ellen McCole age 23 shown as a servant born in Pa with both parents born in Ireland:  

 There is a Patrick McCole in the 1880 census shown as age 20 born in Ireland living in Hazleton: 

 Patrick looks like a relative of Ellen as he is living in the same house with Daniel McCole and John McCole age 22.

    In the 1880 census living in Plains, Pa is:        

 *We don't know who these people are or if they are related. 

Also in the 1880 census is:  Thomas Sheridan may have married Sarah Meehan; we are not sure. 

1890 Census

There is no census to research due to a fire. This causes many difficulties when researching families.              

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